Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Delmar Lee Johnson

September 25, 2013

Comments re-- Pay Ratio Disclosure, File No.: S7-07-13

It is time to get something in place to implement this provison of Dodd-Frank: It has been some 3 years since the law was signed, after all.

I think it is time to stop "polishing the apple" and get a regulation in place so that the public and investors can clearly see how PEO pay compares to the "avarage" or "median" employee pay. If real experience with the regulation shows a need, then make revisions. To quote a common phrase, "Don't make perfect the enemy of good-enough."

The inequity in corporate pay distribution apparently keeps growing shedding some light on this with factual comparison of PEO and employee pay will help to get this turned around.


Lee Johnson