Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Donald Sweigart

September 24, 2013

I’m writing in support of a strong Dodd-Frank rule 953(b).

Disclosing corporate pay ratios between CEOs and average employees will discourage the outrageous and reckless pay practices that fueled the 2008 crash.

Knowing which corporations heap riches upon their executives while squeezing struggling employees also will be a useful factor for me when considering which businesses to support with my consumer and investment dollars.

IT'S ALSO GOOD TO READ ABOUT YOUR NW LEADERSHIP'S EFFORTS TO GET EXECUTIVESTO ADMIT TO THEIR WRONGDOINGS, rather just permiting  them to "agree" to a setkenment.  HUZZAH!!  Do not give in! Nothing will change until these CEO' s realize  a jail term or pblic embarrassment may result from their actions.

Thank you for considering my comment,

Donald AlexandriaSweigart

Alexandria, VA