Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Terry Carlson

November 29, 2013

I support Dodd-Frank rule 953(b). The pay and wealth elites in the US need to hear of the rising of the level of discouragement and anger on the part of the hard working common man and woman. The US workers produce more work, more product at substantially greater levels, substantially higher than ever before yet earn less, getting a smaller piece of the pie. The workers get less and the CEOs and their corporations get astronomical amounts more. While getting more they lobby to make sure that they pay less in taxes while we pay more, while influencing our representatives to destroy supports that could have helped with those who received less .

The knowledge of the ratios of worker pay to CEO pay has an established scientific and economic importance that makes  this information relevant to all sorts of governmental, academic and egalitarian organizations, shareholders and other CEOs. Also if there is to be any democracy retained for the American public this information  should be publicly known.   These CEOS are advising us and government agencies about the future of taxation and Social Security, wielding a disproportionate influence on the actions of our representatives. Likewise we need to be able to understand the circumstances of the corporations while they utilize public resources, receive subsidies and face regulation and criminal scrutiny.

I am told to invest in the stock market so that I can someday retire but do not have access to the information needed to get a fair shake there. Right now the poor Christmas shopping season is showing that while corporate profits are high the common people who feel unsafe as consumers and investors are unable to fuel the economy. The CEOs took so much they are slowing the economy, They are the only ones with money to buy.

Those who benefit with the current system are a tiny group that have lost sight of their ties to fellow human beings. The American Public is already wounded and feeling more and more defeated. You had better hope they don't find a need to rise up. Something had better change. Implement a strong rule that will uphold the intent of the Dodd-Frank law.

Thank you for reading my comment,


Terry Carlson

Vancouver, WA