Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Kenneth Fowler

November 3, 2013

To: Securities and Exchange Commission
Subj: S7-07-13 Pay Ratio Disclosure

Dear Commissioners:

Congratulations on your adopted proposal for an important and reasonable approach to implementing the regular reporting of executive pay ratios.

I beleive you have provided ample flexibility to minimize any calculation burden some corporations seem to be complaining about--they can all figure out their annual payroll and you're not asking for much more.

Clearly it's not average investors but committees of fellow CEOs that determine each other's overly generous pay packages.

And it's not only investors who have a stake in this issue. Life wasn't so bad in the fifties and sixtes. CEOs were productive and prosperous without pocketing hundreds of times what their workers did. Average citizens also progressed well. Unlike today I even got through grad school without incurring a debt. Henry Ford observed almost as many years earlier, workers needed to be paid enough to be able to afford to buy his cars. The result today is that the "American Dream" is being replaced by stagnating standards-of-living for upcoming generations.

I urge you to meaningly fulfill this Dodd-Frank provision as a small step toward improving our national outlook.