Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Ann C Somers

October 24, 2013

Executive compensation is obscene. It is insulting to workers and investors. Every high-salaried executive is "above average"? It is not based on any reality, or even on hiring the "best" minds, but on a game of "mine's bigger than yours is."

Publishing compensation ratios is a good way to let in some sunshine and sensibility. I hope that the proposed rules ensure that ALL compensation is recognized, including benefits and perks like forgiven "loans." To be fair, worker benefits should be included as well in computing the ratios, and it should be made clear to the public how these numbers are derived.

It is not only employee morale that is at stake, but public trust and PUBLIC morale. Everybody understands that the folks with the vision and risk should be well compensated, but let's work back toward the old ratios between bosses and the folks on whose work they depend.

Yes, yes, YES - PASS this thing, and the sooner the better.