Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Linda K Sprowl
Affiliation: Retired RN, Teacher, Paralegal, Realtor, Insurer

October 14, 2013

Disclosure of CEO pay ratios is imperative to maintaining the balance of our Democratic Society by tying it, by law, to wages paid to employees.

1. Citizens of US need to know the reality of this World, this Society.

2. Investors need to know how their money is being spent, where the priorities in reality, lie.

3. Employees deserve the truth regarding the company and people they slave 40 hrs a week to support.

Historically, any time a Society becomes so imbalanced that the discrepancy between the wealthy and the middle-class is so great that the wealthy are living like royalty and all others are living hand-to-mouth, that Society crumbles, collapsing upon itself. History is full of such human error which results in consequential bloodshed and violence. We must avoid such calamity.

No CEO should be paid more than 8x the minimal wage dictated by law.

Salaries should reflect a person's education, contributions to Society as a whole, not salesmanship nor, athletic ability. Teachers should be paid as much as an attorney or doctor. God knows they contribute more than either of those professions, generally. Athletes should be paid likewise, according to their education and contributions to Society.
Salaries are a reflection of a Society's Value System. Virtues described in Scripture should be those same virtues a great Society reflects: charity, diligence, humility, self-reliance, purity of both heart and spirit.

Our forefathers left their comfortable homes in Great Britain and other points NW Europe to create a new land, where ALL wo/MEN are Equal, where one may worship as s/he pleased, where Church and State are kept separate, for the GENERAL WELFARE of its Society, with a well-regulated military, where one can raise their children in peace.

All compensation of CEOs must be fully disclosed, starting now. End the discrepancy and get US back into balance, like the 50s-60s. FDR had it right. The days of CEOs taking 90% of the profits must stop. The wealth created by the many does NOT 'trickle-down' it goes in the opposite direction ... with the top taking more than their fair share.
'He who has been given much, he too must give.' The wealth of the Nation must be more equitably and equally distributed so that the quality of ALL is raised. That means taxes that were once 90%, now 15%, must also be raised, radically.