Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Brenda L Russell

October 4, 2013

I believe that the proposed rules regarding CEO compensation disclosure do their very best to negate the existence of the law which made the rules necessary. Instead of asking for comments from the regulated corporations, why not ask the Congress that passed the law what its members think of this perversion?

These are simple terms with distinct meanings, especially since we're talking about mathematics here. "Median" is a word with very specific meaning, as well as a specified method of determining the median, as opposed to the mean, as opposed to the average. I'm quite sure there are some bright mathematicians who are also computer-literate enough to program an application which requires no more cost, or burden, than preparing, say, a 1040-ez.

Incidentally, in most cases with which I am familiar, when the federal government wants information, or when a citizen wants information from their government, a very specific form is required, and provided by the government to the citizen. We have even gone digital, and most forms can now be downloaded from the Internet. Or, for those who prefer to continue the process online, one can fill in the appropriate spaces and have the calculations performed by the computer. What a concept No burden, no hard choices of methodology just fill in the blanks and click "Send."