Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Lamarcinko

October 2, 2013

I am a fundamental man and must voice my thoughts in a fundamental way.  

Webster's definition of Ignorance is a lack of knowledge, information or awareness; uninformed: inexperienced.

In my own 56 years of life experience (including 4 1/2 years college, 18 years self-employment and present 15 year employee at a public company, I've learned many times over 'the hard way'; if you don't like the track you're on or you are not pleased with how things are going….you must do something different than you are currently doing if you expect to get to the right track and please yourself with how things are going.

My first ACTION (as opposed to talk) came in 1979 at 22 years old in voluntarily walking away from a dual degree at Penn State University.  I was acutely aware that I didn't meet my own standards of knowledge and education with my C average, so how could I LIE to the public or any potential employer that I will meet theirs?  I WON'T!

I am proud of my years as an independent trucker and also the 15 years as a laborer and present company employee.  I am extremely disappointed with the compensation/training system at my present employer and have been taking steps to address that.  I will succeed or die trying (I cannot not envision dying)!

 I believe there is no man or woman walking this earth, past or present, who hadn't or doesn't harbor ignorance toward something or someone; 

i.e. the highest educated, most powerful people are no less ignorant of what the least powerful, lowest educated people must deal with than the lowest educated, least powerful are ignorant of what the highest educated, most powerful have to deal with.

What level you are at does not matter.  How you use the tools and GIFTS you were given surely does.  

I do my level best to live at my fullest potential whatever that level is; I strive to ensure that my fellow man is able to live at their fullest potential just the same. Anything less, like that C average, would be unacceptable to me.

Thank you to those who really read and strove to understand these few words/thoughts that I took my time to write.  THANK YOU.