Subject: File No. DF Title IX - Executive Compensation
From: David R Love

September 26, 2013

I am excited that corporations are finally having to disclose the ratio of executive compensation to the average worker in the company. People will be repulsed when they see how much the corporate executives make in comparison to the average employee. Company profits should benefit employees and shareholders and not just the corporate pigs Wall Street and the corporate executives are living high on the hog while the middle class and the poor are falling behind. The only changes I would make to the proposed rule woud be as follows: Use the mean as the statistical measurement instead of the median. The mean is the average salary of all employees.
The median is the salary that falls halfway between the highest and lowest salaries. For all corporations I would compare only the average salaries of their United States employees to corporate executive. I would do this because the international corporations are allready complaining that their average employee salary is real low because they do business in countries that have lower wages.
The next rule the Securites and Exchange Commission should implement would be to allow shareholders in a public corporation have a say in executive salary.