From: Joy
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 9:45 AM
Subject: Spencer Pharm Inc.

I have just read all the information regarding the Fraudulent actions by this company and all the party's involved. I have reviewed the legal action taking place and the involvement of the Securities commission. I am pleased to hear that action is being taken against them, however it would seem that the penalties placed upon these types of person's just is not great enough to deter them from committing these crimes over and over again.

They have in fact made millions if not billions of dollars off of this scam, and the penalties mean nothing to them, as what they loose is nothing. Why are there not more incidences that penalties to these scam artist's would be that the findings against them would be that every shareholder would have to be paid back all that they invested. I am sure that each and every investor in that company would certainly get on board with you in this law suit. The penalties must be stronger ........... Joy Harris (small investor in the company, but losses cut deep)