Subject: File No. S7-07-12
From: Reno D Fontana
Affiliation: Founder and President, Presley Investments Inc

December 29, 2012

I just finished reading with great interest the comments of Jaimie Davis. Davis writes with great passion and eloquence and certainly has a unique experience with the loss of 2.3 million dollars which most people could not comprehend. I certainly sympathize with Davis and the road traveled. Losing 230K would be tough for most anyone. Losing 2.3 mil can be life altering in a most negative and debilitating way.

Davis got me to thinking about novel new ways to educate investors. Here are a couple of thoughts:

A--A reg 506 D company should have all investor funds placed in escrow for 30 days prior to the funds being released to the PPM Investment company. In this way, the investor, even after having done his or her due diligence, can have a 30 day "cooling off" period prior to the investment funds going hard. Those 30 days will allow the investor extra time to be certain it is an investment they really want to make.

B--The SEC should produce a video laying out the risks, and rewards, of investing in PPM securities. As part of the investors file, ALL investors, whether sophisticated or accredited, would have to sign a declaration stating they watched and understood the SEC video pertaining strictly to private securities. The video would explain every aspect of the short and long term ramifications of an investors participation in a private securities company.

C--In line with Davis' suggestion, the United States should be broken down into regions. Each PPM company that wants to advertise would have to pay into a fund to cover the cost of a director for each region. Each Director would check in and evaluate a number of aspects of the business practices of each company selling private stock and then grade each company with an "A" to "F" rating just as you find on the front windows of restaurants. Investors could then have some realistic assurance that their investment funds are being watched and graded by the SEC.

I have other thoughts as well that will let me advertise for new investors while giving investors the assurance that every possible risk to their funds has a firewall to protect their cash investment in my company.

If additional hearings are to be held prior to implementing the JOBS Act, please notify me so that I may participate.

I am eager to begin the ad campaign for Presley Investments.

Kindly, Reno Fontana
Founder and President,
Presley Investments, Inc
Palm Springs, California