Subject: File No. S7-07-12
From: Reno D Fontana
Affiliation: Founder and President, Presley Investments Inc

December 26, 2012

I have the utmost respect for the SEC wanting to make the safety of the investor of paramount importance as it prepares to lift the general solicitation ban on advertising for privately held companies.

I have seen enough episodes of American Greed to know that a con man somewhere in the U.S. is already planning on how to take advantage of new investors once the advertising ban is lifted and separate the investor from their money---permanently. The SEC is 100% correct in being deliberately slow and cautious in building investor safeguards into this new area of advertising for investors by privately held companies.

However, Presley Investments was formed and is awaiting the lifting of the general solicitation ban so that it may begin operations as a model company under these new SEC guidlines. Complete transparency, audited accounting of the company, and full SEC compliance under the rules of this ground breaking and game changing opportunity as proposed by President Obama is what Presley Investments is prepared to do. I personally, as President of Presley Investments, will make absolutely certain that this chance to advertise for new sophisticated and accredited investors is not squandered or abused by a few unsavory characters who could ruin this for all of us who will play by the new SEC rules.

Please, as soon as is possible, but without taking shortcuts at the potential harm to investors, lift the ban on advertising for companies like Presley Investments. Increased investment dollars will translate for Presley Investments into more jobs (both directly and indirectly), more profits for the company, more taxes paid by the company, and long term sustainable growth by the company that will contribute to the growth of the nation's economy.

President Obama had a vision and a plan for Presley Investments and its need to raise capital under this new post recession reality we live in today. I'm asking the SEC to let Presley Investments, and the millions of other business owners like myself, to trust the majority of us to do the right thing, because we will. Protecting an investors money comes before all else.

I recognize that. Let me prove to you that's what Presley Investments will do once the solicitation ban has been lifted.

Reno D. Fontana
Founder and President
Presley Investments Inc