Subject: File No. S7-07-12
From: David Smith
Affiliation: Comment to Chris Naylor

October 4, 2012

As a private citizen, and not in my official capacity as anything, I would like to very briefly respond to Chris Naylor. Right now today, if I wanted too, I could not sell my beautiful home on Geist because Indiana is already not business friendly, and you are part of this problem. So you are going to respond by making a bad housing market worse and take the threshold from hard to impossible to do business in Indiana? Thats your answer, shut down startups in Indiana, where do you think capital comes from it comes from free enterprise. It pays your over inflated salary.

Why dont you exercise your rights under the Tenth Amendment and forbid all startup business in Indiana, or forbid any citizen in Indiana from purchasing stock? The same eraser that takes away the rights of a startup business to raise capital can erase all business in Indiana. Take it a step further and outlaw the exchange from doing business in Indiana then you can retire happy, in Greece.

Since you are so worried that someone is going to get screwed in Indiana make the law impotent in Indiana ONLY. Require any investor to prove they are accredited by submitting 3 years worth of taxes with their application to buy $2,500.00 worth of stock. That will surely grant your desire.