From: Rob Connelly
Sent: July 13, 2016
Subject: S7-06-16 comments

In relation to S7-06-16, morally and rationally all publicly traded companies should be required to abide by the same financial disclosure requirements if requested by their legal shareholders whether registered or held in a street name.  I realize the costs of remaining a fully reporting public company may be straining or prohibitive for a number of small businesses, but because various managements at a number of companies are taking advantage of a loophole allowing them to "go dark" in their financial reporting to their owners, simply because they have less than 300 "registered shareholders" is immoral, dishonest and illegal. The Commission is well aware that the definition of the word "shareholder" in this regard is an antiquated notion seeing that hardly any investor or business owner physically holds stock certificates, even if they are the majority owner of that public business.
Each and every street name stock holder should be counted as a registered shareholder.  It defies logic to do otherwise. Why semantics segregates true owners from sort-of owners who own the exact same voting and economic rights is irrational.  If the owners request information, they should not be left in the dark as to the performance of their business.
Please close this loophole and enforce penalties for abuse.