From: Janet Smarr
Sent: July 8, 2016
Subject: S7-06-16 comments

I'm writing as a member of the public and a retail investor in response to the SEC's request for comments on S7-06-16.

Corporations are currently buying elections, polluting our environment, avoiding taxes, etc. without any accountability, even to their stockholders. Investors like me want to know when our money is being used for political purposes with which we may strongly disagree, especially when the results are causing widespread serious harm, such as the destruction of democracy and the aggravation of climate change.

Disclosure is one solution that requires companies to consider the consequences — including the interests of their shareholders — before making decisions that affect their shareholders and other Americans.
But they won't disclose anything without public requirements that make all corporations play by the same rules.

Public corporations should at a minimum be required to:

1. Disclose their political spending.
2. Disclose their oversea tax payments, country-by-county.
3. Disclose their sustainability plans.

We need to end the secrecy and give investors the information they deserve.

Thank you for your attention and concern.

Janet Smarr

La Jolla, CA