From: R Nelson
Sent: July 8, 2016
Subject: S7-06-16 comments

A majority of Americans feel that the system is rigged because of all the dark money poured into elections, so the Citizens United ruling is going to have to be overturned in some fashion fairly shortly; the peasants are getting restless.
Corporations are not people, my friend, so until CU is neutered, we must impose transparency requirements on corporate entities and other one-percenters. The public deserves to know who is buying the government.

As a member of Public Citizen, I approve of the list shown below that calls for a minimum of accountability from the corporations that do business in the United States. This letter is in response to the SEC's request for comments on S7-06-16.

Public corporations should at a minimum be required to:

1. Disclose their political spending.
2. Disclose their oversea tax payments, country-by-county.
3. Disclose their sustainability plans.

We need to end the obfuscation and give Americans the information they deserve in order to make an educated choice when investing and voting.

R Nelson

Kyle, TX