Subject: File No. S7-06-16
From: Dorian A Deyeth, Jr
Affiliation: CFO CIO CST

August 16, 2016

The Run around is notoriously burdensome. By that I mean that the securities in my care are substantial abundant and it takes a little more than a few greedy brokers to question my aquisition of said financial instrumentely. I make a new brokerage account the brokers fluff me up to get me to contract it's obvious that is all they care about. I have chosen to self direct I've made some historic trades like the Nasdaqs success as soon as my creativity hit the ground I have set off a couple deals that do not identify me accurately the months of collateral have resulted in Zero cash or barter. My Clearing capabilities have been nil due to fidelity closing my account after I made a little over 100 k cash I have pic to prove it furthermore I'm fully aware of the birth right I poses I will not be denied. Merrill Lynch disgorgus my holdings closes my account after I complied with delivering the data docs sec asked to release to us trust. I have been working very hard on the IPO for the cdfi funds and currently working on training for fiscal officer Im MSRB still no underwriters have come to lend a hand even after contacting delloite and rrdonally a number of times if I hadn't approved the master card and nasdaq loan I would have been totally forgotten. Computer share doesn't want for me to clear any stock I can't get a dividend I can't sell any securities I been humble about everything up until this point I see my place is talking to heads of corporations not brokers they like to be sneaky Orig energy was purchased by me on fidelity the position netted over 2 billon from my calculations and I'm the real beneficial owner fair and square I could use the money to relive me from knowing that the timing of the default, foreclosure and financialy conspired upon is ruthless. I AM Dyet an old friend of winged men whos place Belongs adorned with Medals of Honor I'm no expert in war but I have a feeling I'm flying out of course. Where the pricipal has in hand the contracts of men so that alone should be enough to prove I have a take in a 1/30th percent undivided an amount enough to let me get out of this financial services war zone. A man once said and I quote "The Sacred rights of Mankind are not to be rummaged for in old parchments or musty records they are written as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature by the hand of the Devinity itself and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power"

A Hamilton 1775

How easily we forget I stood in the shoulders of giants I am good with words to convey a story I paint well. From time to time the story looks bright and I'm sure it will be bright for I have hope that I find a remedy from my illness that I did not bring about but was placed upon me due to ommitions disgorgment and sadly bad customer service give me the opportunity to show you all regulators of SEC award me with your due diligence so I can be well with my family I want to move from this place I couldn't secure a wire my perfect credit took me 18 years to establish it took cenlar ftb 3 months to destroy it that's why I am disappointed with my friends the leaders I helped put in place to take care of me and my family I was so naive this is truly my Affidavit let it be known


Dorian A Deyeth