Subject: File No. S7-06-16
From: Brenton W Kessel, CFP
Affiliation: CEO of Abacus Wealth Partners, LLC

July 22, 2016

Dear Mr. Secretary,

I would like to communicate my strong opinion that sustainability-related information is of utmost importance and should be part of the SEC's regulatory governance over public companies. Sustainability issues are financial issues and reflect material information that investors need to make informed financial decisions with very real consequences to retirement incomes, college affordability, and wealth preservation.

The current environment of ad-hoc and voluntary disclosure using questionnaires and compliance with shareholder resolutions or advocacy efforts is disjointed, expensive, and subject to significant errors and omissions.

Clear guidance along with mandatory compliance will go a long way to improving disclosure and accurate risk assessment on behalf of the American families who we have a fiduciary duty to protect.