From: Bruce Lockert
Sent: July 8, 2016
To: Rule-Comments
Subject: S7-06-16 comments

Iím writing as a member of the public and a retail investor in response to the SECís request for comments on S7-06-16.

Investors deserve to know the ways corporations are buying elections, polluting our environment, affecting our economy, and more. And while corporations have little to no accountability to even their shareholders, disclosure is one solution that requires companies to consider the consequences Ė and the interests of their shareholders -- before making decisions that affect their shareholders and regular Americans.

Itís time for corporations to be honest with their investors and the American people.

Public corporations should at a minimum be required to:

1. Disclose their political spending.
2. Disclose their oversea tax payments, country-by-country.
3. Disclose their sustainability plans.

We need to end the secrecy and give investors the information they deserve.

Typically, SEC is staffed by (redacted phrase) who are paid to do what they do, treacherously against the best interests of America and its citizens, but lopsidedly favoring the rich and their toys, called corporations. That America would not have had the recent Depression, if the Glass-Stegall Act had remained as it was originally created to do. That both democrats and repubiilcans together in equal conspiracy, have trashed America as much as they can, so the rich stay rich and get richer, being able to own criminally corrupted politicians who refuse to do what is in the best interests for America and its 98% citizens. They serve the 2%, both democrats and republicans. That is where America needs to fix government, in prosecuting for treason, politicians who fail to do their jobs with fiduciary duty, in good faith, using common sense ... and the citizens know the difference. The recent Depression stole a life time of earnings and savings. and it will take another life time to get back again ... So America really has not recovered, instead, the rich have been rewarded by letting them keep what they stole, as well as TARP giving them more. There should have been prosecutions, and breaking-up of the too big to fail, and making sure that the financial traitors, are never again enabled to do it ever again. That is where President Obama, was clearly wrong!!! However, President Obama's legacy is starting ACA, and ACA can use some improvements to make it more of a benefit, for being American citizen. That gop privatization, is greed, and any talk of privatization should be basis to prosecute all politicians, because medical needs to be a government function provided to citizens, because privatization has already proven that temptation for wrongful greed, has not worked fairly.
So, the SEC if it is going to be trusted, should not be staffed with corrupted people planted by rich or their toys, corporations. The are trouble making sources of problems, that should end in prosecutions for treason, and put to death to protect the best interests of America and its 98% of citizens. Not prey upon the 98% of American citizens.

Bruce Lockert
Spokane, WA, WA