From: John Watwood
Sent: July 8, 2016
To: Rule-Comments
Subject: S7-06-16 comments

Iím writing as a member of the public and a retail investor in response to the SECís request for comments on S7-06-16.

Investors deserve to know the ways corporations are buying elections, polluting our environment, affecting our economy, and more. And while corporations have little to no accountability to even their shareholders, disclosure is one solution that requires companies to consider the consequences Ė and the interests of their shareholders -- before making decisions that affect their shareholders and regular Americans.

Itís time for corporations to be honest with their investors and the American people.

Public corporations should at a minimum be required to:

1. Disclose their political spending.
2. Disclose their oversea tax payments, country-by-country.
3. Disclose their sustainability plans.
4. Disclose their spending to public universities and what that money spent on.
5. Disclose all monies dedicated to government entities, establishments, agencies, and et all.
6. Make all companies and corporations make public all of those of whom are invested in their companies.
7. Make known the individuals invested in and controlling the federal reserve before banishing the reserve and it's fraudulent fiat system.

We need to end the secrecy and give investors the information they deserve.

john watwood
robinson, IL