Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Sara D'Arce
Affiliation: Madland Productions, LLC

August 16, 2013

Thanks in advance for reading my comments.

Putting these new fundraising requirements in place is a terrible idea and will kill a great deal of innovation - But not just innovation.

Startups seem to be our only hope to turn things around, and grow, and strengthen, our economy - But even more than that..

For example, I'm founding a company that empowers music lovers to hire artists directly, then.. Imagine 10% of our profits going toward the favorite causes of all involved. It's an inversion of the concert industry, to serve humanity.

I have been working on my own without a salary for (3) years. It's extremely difficult for one person to "wear every hat" when starting a company. This is what it takes, sometimes.. to create change. Many innovative startups are incorporating philanthropy into their business models, to feed, teach, and preserve our world.

Do not slow the much needed solutions that are fixing our broken systems. This is a time to embrace, not slow pace -- For the sake of humanity and all of nature, indeed.

In music and service,

Sara D'Arce