Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Dan Myers

January 12, 2015

Please do not allow the standards of accredited investors to be raised. I currently qualify as an accredited, but I would not if raised. I am highly educated financially and am a very astute investor. I will be hurt significantly if I cannot invest in private placements or have others do the same. I am a financial advisor who left the stock brokering world in favor of Real Estate. There are risks involved with any sort of investment, but I will never understand why everyone is told that the market is safer than tangible investments in RE. The average investor may not have what it takes to run a Rental business, but through investing with a reputable syndication, ran by a good property manager, real investors can see real returns without the blind faith of relying on a market they can't even touch. I went from zero to grossing over 100k in 5 years using real estate and a plan. That is not something that can be done safely with stocks, I know, I sold them to others. I'm not a fan of risky investments of any sort, including speculating RE and or flipping, but a safe passive income can be created with a good understanding and a plan.

Please do not hurt those of us who use real undiluted investments to create our wealth and futures.