Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Jeff Brown
Affiliation: BB Technologies LP

August 14, 2013

With the growing needs of our new reviving economy, there is a current and specific need to bring non accredited investors into the investment market place. This new source of investor provides needed stimulus to our economy.

Too much of the investment market is cornered and controlled by history,legacy companies and well intended rules of the past designed to protect widows and orphans. It is a brave new investment world that needs to be as flexible as our newest technologies.

A new visibility,with the transparency provided with social media and Crowd Funding, provides bult in safe guards and assurances to offset traditional forms of diligence. This accommodation allows new investors to be aware of, learn, and engage their responsibilities to do their own diligence. The results will be a younger smarter investor that can respond quickly to new opportunities never before available to them.

Put the opportunity and investment responsibilities into the hands best ready to learn and benefit from them. The SEC can always provide a backdrop and mirror of protection on an as needed basis. Give the people an opportunity to step up for themselves, and they will surprise us.