Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Erik J Cush

November 4, 2013

While the clear delineation as an "Accredited Investor" by financial capabilities may serve to reduce predatory investment schemes, it closes the door to ground floor investors whom have intimate knowledge of the industries they wish to invest in. People who have a unique understanding of, in my case, the solar industry, are denied investment opportunities due to the fact that we are not "Rich". This is discriminatory. I would have no problem proving my knowledge of said industry, but since I do not make $200,000/yr, I am locked out of investing a mere $25 in solar projects in which I can easily evaluate for legitimacy and profitability using my intimate knowledge of the solar industry.

To summarize I believe that a strict financial means test is highly discriminatory. Proof of understanding of a given industry should be enough to prove competence.

Thank you for your time.