Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Jeff Haynie
Affiliation: CEO of Appcelerator, Angel Investor, Serial Entreprenuer

September 3, 2013

Please don't make it harder for startups to make raise money by adding new rules around Form D that you are proposing or around the qualifications of requiring startups to register materials with SEC, etc. Startups have a hard enough time raising money through accredited investors and all the legal paperwork that has to be complied with. Startups are the fuel of innovation in our economy. They should not be heavily regulated like public companies. The investor base is typically close to the company and its operations and willing to take different risks - either because they are professional investors (VCs, angel investors, etc) or close to the company (friends and family).

As an angel investor and startup CEO of several companies -- I have helped contribute directly to the creation of many jobs and a lot of economic activity through technical innovation. We need to make it easier and remove friction from the process -- not make it harder with more archaic rules and forms.

Please don't mess up the startup world