Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Michael D Moses
Affiliation: Start up Consultant

August 20, 2013

I strongly disagree with this proposal as it stands now. It's as if you don't want people to start up a small business and this only serves the greedy interests of big business. Fundraising should be easier (since it's already the hardest part of the new business venture) All this is doing is making it much harder, and virtually impossible for an overworked business.

News flash, dishonest people are not going to be deterred by a few more stacks of books full of complex and determintal laws. If people want to run a scam, this bill, as it stands, does little to help.

Please honor the requests of Angel List and listen to their suggestions, they are the expert on this matter and have made very valid points that need to be addressed before this atrocity becomes law.