Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Jan Stelovsky, Ph.D.
Affiliation: Chair, parWinr, Inc. Prof. of Computer Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa

August 20, 2013

parWinr, Inc., is a startup - we are just opening a branch in Silicon Valley, primarily to secure financing for our venture that will profoundly change the way education and advertising is done in the future - video gamification. We invested all of our savings and energies into developing the product and that investment fill be all lost if we don't find the investors to grow the business. We need to hire developers, sales people, CFO, CMO. We rejoiced when we read the JOBS act and planed to add a page for investors to our web site - now a lawyer friend told us: Don't do it The new SEC rules are onerous, heavy handed, even hard to understand - in short, they run diametrically against the intent and spirit of the JOBS act. We don't have the resources to hire a law firm to make sure that we don't get banned for one year. (Are the rules intended to insure JOBS for lawyers?)