Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Matthew C Hinson

August 19, 2013

I believe your new proposed rules will hurt startups, and ultimately hurt innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States. Please do not go through with your proposed changes. Startups need flexibility. These proposed regulations offer only more rigidity and complexity Please follow the "KISS" rule.
If you truly want to "Jumpstart Our Business Startups" as the JOBS Act implies, then DO NOT MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR BUSINESS STARTUPS
If your argument is that you are trying to protect startups from non-ethical investors, I argue that this measure will only slow startup growth, and that entrepreneurs in the United States are only becoming more educated about how to work with investors. Universities are teaching entrepreneurship, e-news is flooded with information on becoming a smart entrepreneur, and free online courses are offered on the subject.

Respectfully, but Passionately,

Matt Hinson