Subject: File No. S7-06-13
From: Jared Kopf
Affiliation: founder and CEO HomeRun, AdRoll

August 18, 2013

The SEC has begun the important work of stimulating American entrepreneurship with the JOBS Act. However, I believe the proposed implementation of the rules may undermine its intended goal. Since my graduation from college in 1999, 14 years ago, I have worked all but 20 months for technology and investment companies that I've started. In recent years I've become an angel investor with the aim of making use of the knowledge I've acquired, giving back to the community which has served me, and supporting the next generation of talented entrepreneurs. I urge you to review the concerns voiced and evaluate if there are ways the SEC can implement the JOBS act that won't be punitive to new companies that wish to raise capital through new efficient channels. I'm confident that with a review of these concerns, and a discussion of solutions, one can be found that accomplishes the goals of the JOBS Act. I am hopeful that America will stay the great place is has been for me, that it will foster the development of new entrepreneurs and their new ventures, and remain a leader in innovation. Thank you for your openness, and your attention in this urgent time.

Ever, and on,
Jared Kopf