Subject: S7-05-20
From: Rik Moore

Mar. 30, 2020


Good afternoon, 

My husband and I are avid angel investors and see angel investing as important to future economic growth of our country. This will be even more important as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses like the many that we have supported over the years are going to suffer the most during times like these, and as such, they need the greatest support from the public and their investors. They need access to capital, but the sources are drying up fast. 

Regulation crowdfunding is a great rule that was passed several years ago, but the $1.07 million raise limit is too low to meaningful to many start-ups and small businesses. This is why we are very supportive of the proposed release of 33-10763 in its entirety. 

We would also like to see the SEC immediately raise the Reg C raise limit to $5 million to help businesses that are hurting right now. 

The recovery of our economy will be dependent upon the success of many small businesses, so please allow them the opportunity to raise the necessary capital needed to help America grow and prosper again. 


Rik Moore 
Stoughton, MA