Subject: Increase In Funds Raised Via Regulation Crowdfunding
From: C.G.

Mar. 29, 2020


I am an investor on StartEngine and DO SUPPORT the increase in how much a company listed on a Crowdfunding Platform can raise. Along with others on such platforms: We are very supportive of the proposed release 33-10763 in its entirety. Small businesses are the hardest hit by the Coronavirus crisis. They need access to capital, but the sources are drying up fast. Regulation Crowdfunding is a great rule, but the $1.07M limit is too low to be meaningful. We would like the SEC to immediately raise it to $5M to help businesses that are hurting right now. 
Thank you for your consideration to increase the limits of Regulation Crowdfunding. 

C. G. 
10875 Cedar Pine Drive 
Indianapolis, IN 46235-5800