Subject: S7-05-20
From: Jennifer Lapoint

Mar. 28, 2020

To Whom It May Concern: 

As a tech startup seeking funding and also building a product that could be very useful during this time of quarantine, I urge you to support the proposed release 33-10763 in its entirety. 

Small businesses are the hardest hit by the Coronavirus crisis and capital sources are drying up fast. Regulation Crowdfunding is a great rule, but the $1.07M limit is too low to be meaningful. We would like the SEC to immediately raise it to $5M to help businesses that are hurting right now. 

Please do it immediately as we are doing our next raise May 1 so tat we can be delivering our product in 6 months of less. This will allow us to hire many people in 2020. 

I have recently hired a 25 year old gal who was suppose to be teaching to work me. I am paying her out of my pocket to give her a job and get the work done I need. We could hire many more people. Please make this an urgent priority. My money will dry up and our product will not get built without this measure. 

Best Regards,
Jennifer LaPoint