Subject: You guys are amazing
From: Jason at One Door Studios

Mar. 27, 2020


I'm just going to say it. You Rock!! The fact you are even considering raising the bar for Reg CF from $1.07M to $5M is worthy all by itself of a standing ovation. I'm serious. Thank you for being courageous, thoughtful, and having the needs of the people at heart. 

I love virtually everything you guys put into the proposed release 33-10763. My company is just me and my partner. We are a "small business" if there ever was one. It's a fact that small businesses are the hardest hit by the crazy Covid pandemic that is straight out of an 80s SciFi thriller. We need capital, and VCs and angels have all moved far away. 
Regulation Crowdfunding is a great rule, but the $1.07M limit is too low to be meaningful. Our offering is $12M in it's best form, but we had to break it up into six even our smallest $2M piece is not really enough. 

We would absolutely love to see the SEC respond to the crisis at hand by immediately raising it to $5M to help businesses that are hurting right now. Think about it for just one second. If the government is willing to sign a 2 trillion dollar bill over the weekend, wouldn't it make sense to empower investors and companies to raise capital? 

Thanks for having the courage to take things in hand! 


Jason Brents 

Co-Managing Director
Cell: 530-556-0218