Subject: File No. S7-04-20
From: Meaghan Duffy
Affiliation: Investor

March 7, 2020

Fund names, fund factsheets, and whatever summary I see on my E-trade page is all I see about a fund.

A fund should be true to its name. It should not be given wide berth just because it gives some crazy explanation in its prospectus.. which isnt sent out until after I buy my fund. (BTW, prospectuses should be sent pre-sale.)

Also, 80% seems low for an ESG fund. If a fund is ESG, that criteria should apply to all of a funds holdings.

Separately, allow Bitcoin funds. If folks are going to invest in Bitcoin, you may as well give them a regulated and safer means to do so. Seems odd you want to force investors into an unregulated space.