Subject: File No. S7-04-09
From: Steve Alter
Affiliation: CEO/Founder, Real Capital Markets

May 12, 2010

Dear SEC officials. can truly help the entire SEC move into the 21s Century because for the past ten years we've been doing with many of these same challenges we're noticing that you're faced with today. Over the past ten years our firm has provided the commercial real estate principals or owners with the most efficient way to reach liquidity through a series of common sense solutions.

First we create a confidential online executive summary presentation which by the way can be either built by us online or now it's all (DIY) or do yourself so that our clients don't need to be waiting on their disigners because they can simply upload their cover letter, their unique confidentiality agreement and then choose between using their own project summary or having one of our desigers make it for you. It's somewhat like a mini website about the property or the loan sale that delivers your confidentiality agreement to all of the qualified buyers.

The Qualified Buyers- After doing commercial and multifamily acquisitions over nearly 20 years I'd personally built up quite the amazing database. Half or more of my own database was solelly out of date so our goal has already been for us to identify today's buyes simply because they've bought every property to buy. We do our best to call up and interview any buyers or sellers doing any deals of $5 million or greater across the entire US. Our proprietary database of qualified buyers has been combed, and scrubbed daily to where we're now challenged with nearly 40,000 princpal records that we've primed and the goal of RCM1's own dedicated in house researchers are so that we can much more quicly query the master database to harvest for us the right 800 to maybe a few thousand buyers with the credentials, experience and track record necessary to purchase the deal. They will be sure to fight over that property until no one is willing to go any higher.

The virtual deal room or the ONLINE WAR-ROOM- There are a number of database providers. They very somewhat and it's generally because you'll get per user dings, per page dings, and some memory dings that can get fairly expensive. Meanwhile with RCM1 you can mitigate any cost until it's what you need to make your numbers work. Please you don't get all of these other valued added tools such as the executive summary presentations, the confidentiality agreement dispositions and the ability to grant access and then after affect take any persons permissions away through "digital rights management." RCM1's online virtual data room, deal room, or online war-room is what could be providing this password protected website that the issuers will be needing for the rating agencies.

Who at the SEC would maybe be a great person to give me some direction on individuals I should be speaking with regarding this 17 g 5 potential busines seeing that it's just over one month away?


Steve Alter