Subject: File No. S7-03-17
From: Somnath Ray, CPA, Diploma in IFRS ACCA UK, SAP HANA Certified

May 17, 2017

Inline XBRL is an innovation for XBRL reporting to create better user experience for visualization of the financial information which is important in our present Digital economy, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which has the support of SEC and AICPA one of the World's most powerful Government organizations and the World's most powerful and technologically advanced Accounting body.
In fact XBRL is by itself an Artificial Intelligence tool enabling its users to achieve more in work thus reducing manual efforts and there are so many innovative Disclosure Management Solutions in the market presently as a result of XBRL which are helping the SEC Registrants in Financial Reporting cutting out the complexity.
The IFRS SEC Registrants will thus be immensely benefited since all their filings will have this new flavor.
SEC Registrants for IFRS additionally will look forward to improvements in data quality and customized style of XBRL Data modeling as well.
Thus Inline XBRL is most welcome as a "Game Changing" innovation which will help to XBRL to retain its importance in the field of Compliance.