Subject: File No. S7-03-15
From: Aaron C. Smith
Affiliation: Father of American Citizens consfiscated illegally

February 27, 2015

I would first like to commend your offices in presenting what appears to be an adequate email page for which sugests that i might get a acceptable response and investigation into my problem of which Involves Governmental agencies of which appear to be under the authority of that state of California but are also under directive of the United States Government.

I would first like to approach this problem with two ratified documents of which are signed contracts for which are presented to each and every citizen of this country. The second is of the State each and every one of us do declare to be our primary residence and of course we also submit to the jurisdiction of any other state for which claims its soverign rite to prosecute us for our failure to conduct our lives withing the laws of which are designated to be the laws for which each and every state maintain their independance as a soverign indipendant entity for which also sears upon God and of Man to "Uphold and to Keep the Contsituitoon of the United States of America".

I have a problem regarding some undisclosed resold children of which I discover are being used to instigate Stock Sales by Chase Manhatten JP Morgan Investment Stock

I believe because i discover that my parents are maintaining a Investment portfolio account of which the names of Hanna Neguyen and Christopher Neguyen as referrenced on them. this account under the name of clarence And Jacqueline Smith

had on it a check transaction check number 1006 in the amount of $4,000.

This magic number and the number of the check tendered
associate with the name of my daughter Ms. Zoey violet Upton of which was said to have been born on the date of october 6,2009.

The superior court of california under the name of judge Shiela Fell has in refferance information on how to procede

penaewart v. JP Morgan.

this refferance i believe is in refferance to penny smith v. kimberly Ann Smith.

Of which again here i am faced with discovery that the California courts are intentionaly collusive in involvement and of knowledge to the facts of providing a change of title being affectuated by those people who do not provide civil service of LEGAL DOCUMENTS OF WHICH DO AFFECT TITLE TO CHILDREN AND DO DIMISH the lives of those significant others who are being diminished and removed of their equitable intereests and legal rites to their children.

This present to me reason to instigate communications between your office and me in order to facilite adequate response to this obvious civil matter of which also does necessitate the invovlment of the FBI because there ia apparently fraud being conducted by Agents representing the validity of soverign authority as known to be agents of that State of California.

My dl # [redacted]...

This number and my bd. [redacted] is enoughy to present you with the authority i am giving you to determine where are my children of which both federal and state contracts as promised as ratified and signed bt authority to sign them are in serious breach of contract and i have no children of which both contracts clearly and specificaly do say i should have

There is serious problems of which i demmand that Agents of this Agency assist me with because there is now evidence to support the illegal creation of stocks for which are then sold on the open market of which your agency are supposed to control.

Am i to assume that you hold specific documents and forms of which will provide me with the discovery of the following facts that i was only introduced and allowed to develop a relationship with just my daughter but in fact they put me in jail so i would not know that i also had a son? Then they restrained me and told me that the "Other Child" That my wife or "Common Law Wife" did bare in her stomach was aborted using a DNC procedure or was that to inform me that either the District of columbia is involved or the buisnesses and interests of the peoples republic of china and their intent to do buisness?

I would like to know of which government is offering me the consideration of beneficial assistance in recovery my children for which have been taken by the use of deadly forcde.

my cdl and my record of which there should be no criminal conviction of any kind shows that there is no reason why i should be involved with this agency because of missing children of course that you can not assist me with because of your inabililty to help due to jurisdictional issues..

Then what about the Stock options being generated and sold as investor stock?

There is no boundries of Any soverign state for which seam to be easily broken in the movement of my children without my explicit authority to do so.

They are exploiting people by using them to generate US Grant money of which when they can no longer get the free money of which the State will collect after for its own interests and overhead costs. They will even get civil judgement, attatchment of Wavges and the termination of driving priviliges of which is enforcable and is of direct consequence to deny the issuance of a drivers license in every other state of this union.

Uf this is the case and it is, then there should be of expected responsibility of each and every state to enforce compliance with my request of which iis federally insured and considered to ba a part of the federal reserve system for which guarantees the value of each and every dollar that is printed.

I am a product to be considered included in the gross nation product for which does effect a response of legal authorized stocks for which i would like the immediate assistance and the recovery of my children of which have been forceably detained and held as political prisoners

by those people who get paid to care for them

I would like to receive a call from a agent of your office so that he or she can tell me what the sec is going to do.

My telephone number is [redacted] .

I thank You for your help.

Aaron C. Smith