Subject: S7-02-2017
From: Alice A. Welder

November 30, 2017

Name Changes , TCRs , Form , Forms , Forms ! Methodology , Synonyms , and the ignorance of an individuals mindset  that says Integrity , Transparency , Upfront , and Honesty  intermingle with  the seasoned habitual offender of the markets. It might be in favor if the Information Collection procedure  to have a secure way of establishing the legitimacy of an individuals claims . Clarify the knowledge of occurrences of  the alleged Acts that were or are being violated. The CFTC requires Forms with accurate and complete response's. The  protection of any and all collected information submitted , is without full governance needed. Particularly on the claiming of a WB form , the individual submitting the form should have the original , accurate information that would supersede any  false claims of the Acts violated. Upon manipulation and deceitful  actions from individuals that knowingly perform the specific acts such as , The Intrusion of Privacy Act, (Amendment  4  )  of the United States  Constitution clearly are the  premeditated intentions, not only to cause failure's in the due compensation  but to ultimately omit the Author and the truthful identity of the actual/factual submission's form. Unlike members of the CFTC , Private Citizens understanding the use of synonyms and rehearsed Methodology in place of honesty , integrity , and upstanding law abiding individuals is not a consideration  of trained issuers or  such members.

Alice A. Welder ( Glow )