Subject: File No. S7-02-12
From: Kim Switzer

April 13, 2012

I have just sent a NOTICE OF BREACH OF TRUST over this exact thing. They are Targeting children to gain cusip and sig's for the express purpose of Theft of Securities and the childs TRUST. By using the signatures gained and altering the Instrument-that is Identity Theft. I am therefore, posting that Notice here for your review.

I cannot attach any supporting evidence without showing names and personal information, but if you wish to contact me for this you may.


I reported a financial crime in the amounts exceeding 50 billion to the profit of the CORPORATION STATE OF TEXAS and various branches and including the routine alteration of property records, minutes, misuse of seals, etc. and tax evasion by these individuals as per my state rep. who looked at the information. I went up the branch without a single reply from any who were listed as 'enforcement' agents, all the way to the ATTNY GEN, and the Governors office. It was then, that instead of stopping the routine theft evasion that they actually had the nerve to remove the TEXAS CODE 31.4.154 which is being used to commit the breach of Trust AND routine THEFT, from online sources. It was only when I publicly made mention to the Gov. that I knew he had removed it that the code was put back. Very little other changes have been made.

Today, I want to bring to your specific Notice, that the Tardy/Absence code is being used to commit a Breach of Trust under ART. 9. This code has absolutely NOTHING to do with the children's education, and is solely being used to force these babies (kindergarten and up) into court, where they are forcing sig's. to gain the Cusip numbers and access to the TRUST fund as the Executive Administrators of the corporate courts personal stream of revenue via bonuses paid for their theft and to provide a Corporate Stream of Revenue. This has overturned all justice for these children with routine perjury, denial of discovery, hardship rights, denial of right to use of UCC 3-409/419 in the Courts. Placing children in jail which has been named boot camp as well as making children criminal violators for being late to 'work' is absolutely shameful and a Breach of the Social Contract SS-4. All for a simple error in the records and which almost every single court Executor Administrator knows is caused by the method being used by the ISD Corporation to keep these records.

They are routinely altering the instruments at the courts, a violation of Chattel paper laws (SEC) and escaping Taxes by laundering the money through the branches. Instruments go to the commissioner of the court who bundles the instruments into insurance pkgs, and sells them on the market for up to 30x's their worth to the Profit of the Corporation - and then sends it to the Comptroller who pays the Executive Administrators a percentage of the stolen funds via CAPA accounts, et al. What this has done is make it open season on Children in Texas.

The Property Tax Act 1933 made the Property owner the Employer of the ISD's, and these CORPORATE BOARDS are using their positions as the taxing agent to commit routine fraud, personal tax evasion and embezzlement and via the SCHOOL LAND BOARD, defrauding the Teachers of their wages. And because they have demonstrated no remorse or willingness to stop despite the fact that they have been caught out, I'm asking that your office investigate the Tardy Absence codes which are a breach of anti COMPANY STORE SYSTEM laws (McQuade 1898 was among the first but not the only BILL against) and the Breach of Security of the PERSON (ART. 9) of these children.

These families paying CASH WAGES of the parent which is a Breach of the SS-4 contract by refusing UCC 3-409/419 and HJR 192 rules and this is Theft of cash as well as driving families into starvation.

Some of these BONDS, by Audit, show that the children are being charged anywhere from $2000.00 to $500,000.00(contempt charges) and more--PER CHILD, PER CHARGE, PER QUARTER all of which is to the profit of the CORPORATION STATE OF TEXAS and its branches.

There is evidence that some court cases which drag on for years, are charged up to 3 billion dollars from the Security of the Person without the individual being told and while forcing them to pay secondary monies (theft).

Not all Sociopaths are Pedophiles, but all Pedophiles are Sociopaths. Emotional Rape causes the same physical symptoms as Physical Rape. The ISD's are actively and illegally using a system of Segregation they have simply renamed it - which is illegal because of the above mentioned reasons-- and this is the cause of the problem with these children and part of the reason why they do not wish to be in the ISD school system.

I am asking that you Audit the Security of the PERSON of these children and put a stop to the illegal ticketing of Children for Corporate Profit and created a COMPANY STORE SYSTEM in Texas and for the embezzlement and Tax evasion of individuals who are knowingly committing Securities Fraud and theft.