Subject: File No. S7-02-12
From: Brenda Kay Cangi
Affiliation: Space Exploration Tecdhnologies

December 19, 2012

This email is from brenda Kay Cangi written on December 19th 2012 from [address redacted] hotel computor. I am writting this email because i think that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission File no. S7-02-12 Identity Theft Red Flags Rule may help. My husband works at Space Exploration Technologies which does defense work so i think the Identity theft Flags Rules are important for Space Exploration Technologies as a company, and the CEO, President, and employees and their families . There are 3 cell phone numbers on my account through metro pcs who i understand sold their securities recently, and myself, my son kevin and michael have all had our cell phone contact lists disappear or be deleted, and also our text messaging pictures sent to us. Just recently on 12/15/12 . My cell phone number is [redacted] and on 12/15/12 at the4 spacex christmas party i received text messaging pictures from the graandparents of kevin making christmas cookies at 1051 p.m. and today 12/19./12 they are not on my cell phone. In October 2012 i had my kyocera cell phone pictures deleted off of this same cell phone number [redacted] deleted in the [address redacted] in the back parking lot near the orangethorpe ave, exit , at the 57 freeway. The pictures were of kevin at a school event in 2009-10 . So i think that the Identity Theft Rule could help . Brenda Kay Cangi 12/19/12