Subject: File No. S7-08-07
From: H (Hank) A Kiely
Affiliation: Stock Market Trader

December 12, 2012

I realize that the 'comments' period has been over since June,2012, but I thought I would just see if your organization is paying attention yet to all the criminal activity that is going on in the Stock Market on a daily basis. Apparently, all the critics of your organization are correct in their assumption that your staff of "experts" have been sitting on their hands and paying no attention to the criminal activity.
As I indicated in my complaint letter to you of a few years ago, a criminal process was then, and still is now,taking place in the Market on a daily basis. I am not a "financial expert" as you people are supposed to be but I can see that every time a certain stock's (Syntroleum)share price rises on one, two, or three consequetive trades of 200, 300, or more shares, an immediate trade takes place at a price lower than those trades and for 100 shares. It's easy to see that the person (or computer program) that enters the lower price trade apparently is one that does not have to worry about paying a commission. Is this not stock price manipulation at it's worst???? HAK