Subject: File No. S7-02-10
From: Suzanne Shatto

August 13, 2012

Flash Crashers Ready to Feast on Corn: Street Whispers

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those trades are only "bad" to the algorithm owner. they should quit cancelling trades. if the software is not for prime time, it should not be running. investors are going to get stung by flash traders OR lose their profit by the "give me your $" machines. if the algorithm takes your $, that's ok. but we don't want the algorithm owners to lose $. there are other sides of these "erroneous" trades. it's happening in derivatives, which affect underlying assets. the SEC needs to take action ON BEHALF of investors. this is a daily occurrence. there are counterparties to these trades. i have never before heard of a "do over" in stock trading, and, worse, only the thieves get the "do over". what a market!