Subject: File No. S7-02-10
From: Pat Ross

January 27, 2010

The degree to which the SEC, as the regulatory arm of the Securities and Exchange business in the U.S. (and therefore, by implication, the world) affirms and supports without inquiry, debate, or deliberation, on a policy of what can only be known and recognized as "economic darwinism" is a matter of considerable importance to the structure of the U.S., and indeed, to the entire world.

Although economic darwinism has not yet been formally defined as an approach to regulatory matters any more than social darwinism has been, both are critical concepts of philosophy and mission when regulatory agencies undertake the important vital tasks of review and examination, as well as communicating with their membership and the public.

Social darwinism has long been considered the route ultimately to human genocide, an approach that helped to bring about the necessity of U.S. engagement in WWII (if not all wars).

Economic darwinism as a "derivative" of that principle endorses, encourages, and enables Social darwinism to maintain its force and furtherance in principle because financial dealings are the route by which social darwinism is made purposeful, and powerful.

Profits over people is the principle by which all darwinism is accomplished to create the leverage by which one group or subgroup attains advantage over another, and is a step in the direction of darwinism if allowed to go unregulated. There is litle purpose in the SEC as a regulatory feature of government, rather than a public publishng feature of government if attitudes are such that regulatory issues are allowed to be trampled by corporate privilege and preference. Common sense suggests that corporations should be allowed no such privilege and preference as artificial entities allowed to practice social and economic darwinism through the ineffective assignment to the SEC as a regulatory arm, or by its inefficient and ineffective operation to permit such practices to continue. The people of the U.S. cannot afford to have enemies within their own government who premise corporate privilege over people through the tools of social and economic darwinism.