Subject: File No. S7-02-10
From: anonymous anonymous

June 2, 2010

Here is a perfect example of how rigged Wall Street is and this is exactly the kind of stuff that needs to be stopped. It happens every single day and it is blatant.

Stock ticker DLR, Digital Realty Trust Inc. hardly ever trades any volume in the extended hours trading session, average after hours volume is less than a 100 shares a day. Today the stock did 48,095 shares after hours with a constant offer selling the stock down over 1%. This is clearly someone who wants to sell this stock because they probably have inside information that is negative for the stock. There is NO NEWS out there. I checked over a dozen sources including 5 premium news service providers as well as the company's website. Nothing released to the public yet someone is in a hurry to get out for some reason. Here is a link to the news that was released several hours after the after hours session closed for trading and these trades occurred.

Do you think those selling that stock down 1% after hours knew the company was pricing their offering 3% lower than today's close? I would give you 100 to 1 that they did. Is it that difficult to track those orders and investigate these obviously illegal activities? Please get with it and clean up this landfill.