Subject: File No. S7-02-10
From: Ronald G Owens

January 18, 2010

It sounds like Chairman Schapiro has asked more questions about the market structure than was answered. I believe the market should be left as is. These proposals would only cut out the small investors and create fees for the brokers because of the channeling of all trades through them. Do you really want to eliminate the technology that makes trading so fast and easily acessable to millions? I have not seeen any financial reports about the loses the chairman seems so concerned about. Can you post thoes loses on the website?

I gather that this whole proposal is about taking care of the huge investors and dumping the small guys. Just like wall street always trying to find a way to make bigger bucks at the cost of ??? ...investors. I may be a dumb ole country boy but this proposal is 74 pages of, for lack of a better word ...hogwash