Subject: File No. S7-02-10
From: Ken L. Bachmeier, Sr.
Affiliation: None

January 17, 2010

I have experience losses due to companies and there boards manipulating funds, and I think that this should have been done years ago. This is the first step into protecting all investors of how things are supposed to done in the trading
and purchasing of securities. My concern is, will the SEC go back and go after these professional con artists that have performed this type of behaviour for years, and enforce the law, before the statue of limitations goes into effect for these types of criminal activities? There are many people who have lost large sums of money, and have lost all faith in the law enforcement side of the SEC.
Not only that, but the ethical responsibilities of the agents who work for the SEC, and who knowingly have knowledge of corrupt activity involving individuals who participated in this type of activity. Will the SEC pursue these individuals also? If the SEC wants people to know and believe that they are 100% serious about their new enforcement laws, then the SEC needs to prove that they are not part of the problem and open to the graft and corruption that has taken place for years. Faith in the system needs to be restored, for this country to grow and prosper again Doing the right thing is imminent