Subject: Regulatory Review; Suggestions About Regulations and Exemptions Relating to the Offer and Sale of Securities
From: Baldwin

June 27, 2012

To whom it may concern,

As a customer how do you determine if the bank sold your loan improperly? Also I found out that a state like Georgia is a signatory state whereas I'm from NY which turns out to be a trace state. This apparently affected me in more ways than one. The lawyer verbally represented me in February 2007, did the contract in April, sent me a bill in June 2007 and had me sign a document July 2007 on the day of closing that he does not represent me he will only be a closing attorney. I defy anyone to tell me that they read all the documents at closing. He had that statement of nonrepresentation at the bottom of the second page instead of at the top where it should have been. His intend was clear. If I had of known that he was swindling me I would not have him as a closing attorney. consequently I would have hired someone else and he would not have been paid. Signatory states apparently allow hustling lawyers to take advantage of clients without any consequences.