Subject: File No. Regulatory Review
From: Louis Perosi, Jr.
Affiliation: President of public company

April 24, 2012

When are the SEC and congressional politicians going to ease up on the limitations of non-accredited investors into low priced stocks or in private placements. We're not all crooks out here. Small businessmen running public companies trading in the Pink Sheets usually don't have large lists of accredited investors to offer their securities to. They don't attend luncheons and dinners with Wall Street moguls or Washington politicans. They may know people in their local community that are struggling just like they are but certainly are not accredited individuals. Perhaps these individuals would invest $500 into a small business with a big idea but with the limitation of 35 non-accredited individuals in most private placements, the ability to succeed for the small businessman that is running a public company trading in the Pink Sheets is next to impossible. I invite any politician or Wall Street mogul reading this to come to my office and see what the term "real" small business means and then deal with the real life problems businessmen like myself have to deal with every day, first of which is to try and find capital continue to employ people and to stay in business. The American dream is not something that we can reach for anymore, it's something we have to buy. Without the bucks behind you, a small businessman has no chance.