Subject: File No. Regulatory Review
From: Jason G Perry

August 19, 2011

-To the Commission,

I feel that with SOX Dodd Frank suffocating capital foundation of small business the Regulation A offering has become more important than ever. However I note to the Commission that when regulation A was reformed by G. H. W. Bush in the early 1990s his $5 million limit was not inflation adjusted. it is now almost 20 years later and the commission still imposes a $5 million dollar cap. $5 million just does not buy as much as it did in 1992.

I ask the commission to lobby and support the efforts of Congressman Schweikert to raise the cap to $50 million. That seems to be a raise above inflation but in 1992 we were with out SOX and Dodd frank and other capital foundation killing mechanisms.

I would hope the commission would publicize their support for the cap lift to bring greater attention to it so everyone in the securities community can ask their congressman to pass the cap increase.

Jason Perry