Subject: File No.
From: Linda Dahan
Affiliation: American Working Class Extraordinaire

March 19, 2017

Have you worked since you've been 15? Have you ever missed a house payment over loss of a job or prayed with your children over dinner jokingly calling it "the last supper" because you truly didn't know how you were going to provide the next week's meals?

If you have experienced any financial trauma like I mentioned you would never - EVER - consider reversing the requirement of publicly traded companies to disclose the ratio between their CEO's pay and their median worker's pay.

I was a project manager for a Fortune 50 company, not a single welfare mother. I have worked diligently and saved for a secure future and for what? To watch CEOs' salaries pile up higher while we, the working class, the people who trusted Trump's campaign rhetoric denouncing outrageous CEO pay, watch as this administration slaps our face and does a 180?

Wouldn't you agree it would be quite hypocritical if his Administration undermined CEO pay transparency after his campaign promises?